Bean About Town Workshop

Barista Basics

This course offers an introduction to the world of coffee and barista skills. It is designed with the coffee novice in mind—as a point of departure for future study, or as an overview to enrich current coffee routines.

What is a barista?
Coffee—from plant to cup
Espresso machines—parts and functionality
Coffee grinders—different types
and correct set up
Espresso extraction procedures
How to spot bad espresso by
appearance and taste
Milk steaming—how to make that
magical velvet-foam
What are the differences between
espresso drinks?
Correct espresso to milk ratios
Latte art introduction—heart or rosetta shape
Cleaning and maintenance—how to
ensure quality and consistency through
every espresso pour
Trouble shooting

Course duration: 3-4 hours
Course registration requirements:
3 to 6 people

Please contact us for scheduling and price details.

Course content will be tailored to individual needs and interests.

Our workshop is in Kentish Town, NW5, just minutes from Underground and Rail connections. We are happy to host the course at your office for an additional fee.

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