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Wine and cheese tasting

“No sense is left unengaged by wine. Even our ears are involve.” —Malcom Gluck

Wine tasting is about discovery—increasing our palate and sense of smell to better experience this exquisite beverage.

The workshop establishes a basic understanding of wine: how long the wine should breathe, decanting, tannin, the case for mood etc.

As a part of the experience, we provide a cheese plate to help cleanse our palate, so we are fully ready to discover the next glass!

This is a 2 and a half hour event.



home roasting class

We are obsessed with the art of coffee, from the raw bean to the beverage experience… and passionate about learning and sharing our knowledge of the coffee craft.

As crucial as the coffee beans are to a great cup of coffee, your coffee roasting equipment is be just as important. If you don’t have the right equipment, you could ruin your coffee experience!

We are happy to offer classes about custom roasting, single origin coffees, and serving coffee to other businesses and individuals. The workshop also offers the opportunity to purchase green beans and equipment to start making farm to table coffee at home.

We value the conversation, connectivity, and relationships created in these workshops… therefore, these are limited to 4-6 individuals at a time.