After a long journey in the restaurant world—including having managed St. John, a Michelin star awarded restaurant in London—I decided it was time to put my passion for coffee into action.  

The first bean about town opened in London in 2005.

At that same time I joined the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in Europe, participating in the first ever barista camp and becoming one of the first Brew Masters certified. With this certification I was able provide workshops to help others set up their own shop, as well as educate my baristas.

I was also privileged to serve as the SCA’s Ambassador for the World Coffee Expo in Nice, France. My role as Ambassador was to make signature drinks, pour overs, and espresso while educating participants. I was also one of the first to attend and support the London coffee festival for many years before it became the huge success that it is today.

Having opened seven stores in London, we decided to bring our passion for world-class coffee and our experience in the industry to Honolulu in April 2018.

When you walk into our Kaimuki location, you can expect a truly unique experience.

The shop roasts fresh signature bean about town single origin South American beans on-site, tempting the most traveled of coffee connoisseurs with the kind of rich and aromatic qualities you won’t find anywhere else on the island.

You may also want to indulge in a savory or sweet item from our unique menu offerings, ranging from fresh bread pudding to canelés and french baguette sandwiches... made custom to order!

Our quaint cafe was intentionally designed as a place to escape, a place to slow down––so please, when you visit, introduce yourself and let’s talk story.

Here’s to superb coffee and happy living,

Olivier Vetter

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