VERVE- Helsar Torrez Villalobos (Costa Rica, single origin), 12oz.

VERVE- Helsar Torrez Villalobos (Costa Rica, single origin), 12oz.



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Bean Story

Seated at the base of Volcan Agua - one of Antigua's three active volcanoes -lies the glorious Finca Santa Clara. Upon entering the gates to the farm one is immediately met with rows and rows of coffee shrubs; ranging from Bourbon and Bourboncito (dwarf bourbon) to experimental varieties Ricardo Zelaya and his daughter Katia have planted.

Upon harvesting, pickers deliver ripe cherries to Santa Clara’s wet-mill, situated at the base of the farm, where coffee is pulped, soaked and dried on raised beds. After complete drying, coffee is delivered to the Bella Vista mill where it is dry-milled under the supervision of Ricardo’s cousin Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora. 

The Zelaya family has owned and operated both finca Santa Clara and Bella Vista, as well as nearby Hacienda Carmona, for four generations. These three Antiguan staples will remain forever linked not only by ancestral ties but by the impeccable quality that’s at the core of what they do.